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The Celestial Tuning Fork

The icy nippiness of early spring mornings has given way to gentle warmth.  Hawthorns are in flower, the true comfrey is resplendent with dangling violet blossoms and the red trilliums are nodding knee-high in the woods.  The world news would have us believe that the economy and the bees are dying fast, but the diverse medicinal herb garden belies all that with the sweet richness of its flowers and the buzzing of bees all around.  This morning the first poppies opened, and in an effort to curb my tendency to exaggerate, I got out the measuring tape.  Vying with the bumblebees for a good position, I measured one of the flowers to 7 inches from petal tip to petal tip, then left my measuring tape to dangle and just stood there and TOOK IT IN!  The garden heals us humans.  If you start to feel frustrated, my advice is:  Go put your fingers in the dirt!

Here at Horizon Herbs we’ve already danced the maypole and are now blessed with good work:  picking seeds, weeding, mowing the grass, preparing ground for the corn patch…     Also, I have a building project going on, which excites me almost as much as a violet flower.  It looks like three long steel straps extruding from a rock foundation (the building project, not the violet flower).  Rebecca walked by and asked me what it was for, and I replied that it was as a “Celestial tuning fork, designed to convert cosmic vibrations to plant life and emanate oxygen out to the world.”  She said, “Yes, but what’s it REALLY for.” Deflated, I pushed the toe of my boot into the gravel, squinted up at the sky and replied “Its an extension on the shadehouse.”  And then a grin erupted on my face, and I said, “And, it’s a celestial tuning fork!” My message to you today is:  Don’t follow the news.  Create plant habitat.  Tune into the plants, promote nectar, food, medicine, and oxygen.


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